November 7, 2017

Clarity, Complexity and Treading the Boards

What do advertisers and actors have in common? Is it a shared love of audience? An inclination towards the theatrical? A yearning for industry awards?

Yes to all of those. Probably. But more importantly? It’s clarity.

When we went to meet local theatre actors Howie and Ian for a quick demonstration, they told us an actor only has one role and it’s not what you would expect. To provide an audience with clarity.

Clear instructions on where to look, what to expect, who to pay attention to and most importantly, how to feel.

Howie and Ian took us through a simple acting exercise. Just like one of the greats – De Niro, Hepburn (Katherine of course), and the rest would have done once upon a time. It’s a form of catch with a ball and everything, teaching participants the order of a scene.

The key is to make it easy for the next person to catch the ball – clearly signalling who you’re throwing it to. Clarity is crucial. This got us thinking how our roles at Pink Squid were similar.

We live in increasingly complicated times. Take the gig economy, skills shortages, endless new attraction channels, increasing competition… and sprinkle Brexit on top.

We’ve always loved getting straight to the point, but now more than ever, is the time for clarity. Clear objective, clear direction, clear message and clear measurement.

Whether we’re burning the midnight oil, perfecting a pitch, or rehearsing lines – the connection between ourselves and actors is quite inspiring.

A huge thanks to Howie and Ian for sharing their craft with us. You can find them at Union Theatre, and we firmly recommend popping in for a cuppa next time you’re in Southwark!






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