April 26, 2016

Cool Things Squids Do (and not just about the work!)

Being a Squid of the creative UI/UX type, I mainly push pixels and boundaries all day until they solve real problems with a strong visual impact. I’m all about making things happen by constantly seeking new ways to bring design, people and experiences together.

Curiously jumping into the Tank on my first week, I set out to gain an insight into what other cool stuff Squids do, and not just their work.

A big part of what I do as a designer relies upon being able to craft meaningful experiences through the idea of storytelling. Bonding with other Squids over some of their most interesting experiences and miscellaneous quirks, it helped me to connect with them and strike up enjoyable conversations.


Having spent a week in the tank, I have felt very welcomed and already been immersed into a hub of fun, talent and creativity. Let’s just say – I’m ready to swim in the deep end!

Want to get a different view of our Tank? Check it out on mobile for an idea of how we make things work.