Active Inclusion

Think. Ask. Act.

That’s Capgemini’s Active Inclusion strategy in three phases. And to celebrate its second birthday, they called on us to produce a video based on the consultancy firm’s five pillars of inclusivity: LBGT+, social mobility, gender, multiculturalism and disability. It had to be bold, it had to be different – a world away from your run-of-the-mill corporate talking heads feature.

How we did it

The approach was centred around real stories, told by real people. Early on, faces and places were removed from the equation entirely, to remove the judgements we place (albeit unconsciously) on appearance. These are the voices of Capgemini, so we let them take centre stage. They spoke for themselves and startled us with their honesty.

After we’d recorded sound bites of Capgemini employees and their “I don’t know what to say” moments, the motion team got to work on creating a visual language tailored to each voice.

The results