Dress for your day

Harrods are world-renowned and recognised for their exceptional service and extraordinary attention to detail.

For years, Harrods has had an extremely strict dress code that was the same for each and every department. But along with their new EVP and values, that’s changing.

How we did it

We created a video that would emulate this change. We kept the fast pace, with a fashion lookbook style and fast moving match cuts. This fast pace is also used to symbolise that Harrods are moving forward with energy, embracing a modern way of thinking.

The match cuts show how everything, and everyone, is connected. Yet, each department has their own unique style. The content was a mixture of script and interviews so we could keep the video conceptual as well as informative.


The results

The end result was highly engaging, and picked up rave reviews. The new dress code is set to push the boundaries of how Harrods is viewed internally, help change perceptions externally, and will be forever part of their iconic history.

Dress For Your Day was part of the overall EVP, which gained huge online exposure with the main video gaining over 30,000 views in a month. This turned over 12,000 employees into advocates. This video re-examined the value of Harrods’ history and heritage and put individuality first. A mindset made for a new generation and a foundation for the future.