Novo Nordisk

Global EVP  

Novo Nordisk’s mission is to help millions of people around the world who live with diabetes have a better quality of life. Their main goal is to find a cure, and reduce the need for insulin.

But after ten years of double digit growth, competition had caught up. They needed to change.

The meaning behind Life-changing careers had gone. It used to be a steady job changing the lives of patients, but in 2017 Novo Nordisk made redundancies for the first time in its history. They were second to market everywhere, and global differences were creating silos.

What could an employer brand do?

How we did it

Attraction had to begin with awareness. Unlocking advocacy would help, but would need clear guidance. And we’d capture a moment of change, reflecting Novo Nordisk’s purpose and future.

Life-changing careers was the ‘Rembrandt in the attic’. Forcing new meaning on Life-changing careers was wrong, because everyone created a unique meaning for themselves. To give a degree of control, a beautiful simplicity emerged. An entire EVP of just 3 words. Life. Change. Career.

The new attributes were flexed to the max in two offshoot projects. For Outliers we amplified change to create an identity for a brand new digital team tasked with spreading agile culture.

In My Foundation, Novo Nordisk’s not-for-profit ownership structure was communicated with Life, making the company’s purpose crystal clear with an emotional connection. Both campaigns showed the impact Novo Nordisk’s content could dare to make, and prepared the ground for the EVP’s launch.

The results

The launch redefined Novo Nordisk internally and introduced it into new markets globally. The emotion and flexibility unlocked in our EVP means a succession of TVPs are coming, as more teams realise they must become different as a result of the work.



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