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ICAEW - Early Careers


When it comes to accounting, we all know the tired stereotypes of boring suits staring at spreadsheets. But through ICAEW, the industry's body, how can we challenge perceptions of accounting, and empower the next generation of accountants?


We realized we had two objectives to address. As well as recruiting top candidates for ICAEW, it would also be important to make recruitment easier for companies around the world that need the best accountants.

Because that’s practically every company, our messaging had to reach schools, students, and people at university and their key influencers, with messages on channels where they’d never seen accountancy before.


Industries that need accountants are all around; don’t think of accountancy as a career but as a skill set that can take you anywhere. No matter your goals, ICAEW will get you there. We mixed up this ambitious message with a vibrant, fun, and energetic tone and deployed it through assets ranging from social posts, digital brochures, and even Spotify ads – breaking outdated ideas and reshaping understandings.

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