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Bringing the world’s best-loved brands all in one place, Alshaya Group is leading the way for the future of retail in Saudi Arabia.

The challenge
As one of the largest retailers in the Middle East, Alshaya had big ambitions to open new malls and hire over 7000 new staff across the Kingdom. But, in a culture rooted in family honour, heritage and tradition, retail jobs are commonly looked down upon. 

So, how did we help attract Saudi nationals to a retail career and shine a light on the industry?
The approach
We travelled all the way from London to immerse ourselves in the local culture and talent market. Speaking directly with the people already working for Alshaya, we discovered what motivated them to join, what barriers they had to overcome, and what kept them there.
The big idea: Moments made
Many Saudis already working in retail face scrutiny from parents, friends and relatives. To overcome this cultural hurdle, we created an employer brand that would bring to life those individual moments of joy, fulfilment and career growth across Alshaya and illustrate their collective positive impact on the entire nation.
The creative
Saudi culture relies heavily on word-of-mouth, so our creative championed the people behind the moments, all while making external audiences feel like they were getting a trustworthy recommendation from someone who is just like them.
The results
And the results speak for themselves, in the second month alone we saw:

 increase in applications from Saudi nationals


increase in applications from female Saudi nationals


 increase in total applications


increase in website visits

Don't just take our word for it, watch the entire journey yourself...

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