Same squids, different day.

How we started
Ever since the plate of sushi that inspired our name back in 2010, we’ve grown up, learnt loads, and grown up some more. But some things never change. We’re as diverse and independent as we’ve ever been, and we’ve been lucky enough to work with clients who understand what it takes to make real change happen. We push every project up a level, and then a few more for good measure. Being smartly disruptive is how we make the big things happen, and the little things count. It’s in our DNA.
Over the 12 years of our history, wherever we go, however much we grow, it’s our values that will always tie us together. It’s Clarity, Courage and Community that drive us. Clarity leads us to the best of ideas. Courage champions them. Community makes it all happen. We love doing what we do, and with great employer branding, everyone can. With offices in London and Texas, we always strive to uncover the most inspiring story for your audience.
Dig deeper to understand better.

We strive to understand better, making everything clearer, from our insights to our ideas.

Champion beautifully bold ideas.

We’re not afraid to put our bold ideas out there. To hero our own voices.

Create amazing things together.

We provide a home for creative thinking  – supporting one another and collaborating every step of the way.


We use powerful insights and playful creativity to bridge the gap between people and organisations.

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