Video Campaign

Capgemini - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2023 - Work of the Year / Equality, Diversity & Inclusion / Video Campaign


Capgemini’s internal networks are part of their commitment to DE&I - creating a safe space for colleagues with similar experiences to share stories and foster inclusion.

In order to amplify their impact, we needed to showcase the importance of the networks and raise awareness internally to increase membership and allyship.


Insight is the key to unlocking a bespoke approach.  Focusing on 6 networks, we spoke to members to understand their origin stories and unique challenges. 

To drive behaviour change, we had to go deeper and connect on an emotional level so we developed a video led internal communication approach with a surprising twist. 


Inspired by our discussions with the networks, we set out to highlight the importance of being vulnerable, curious and understanding – all of which are needed to truly appreciate someone else's lived experience. So we asked the question: What does it take to truly understand someone else’s story?

Our creative positioning of ‘Stories Best Shared’ showed our internal audience the inner workings of each network. It allowed them to really feel the importance of being heard.

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