Graduate Campaign

Vodafone - Graduate Campaign

2021 - Best Graduate Campaign


With 81% of graduates worried about their job prospects during the pandemic, how can we show them that Vodafone is the place for them to push boundaries?

And for extra points, how can we make sure applicants are as close to 50:50 female and male as possible.


Our research uncovered that at Vodafone, both failure and success are celebrated. Candidates can be free to push themselves and their work in bold new directions. 

In a generation where entrepreneurs launch startups from their bedrooms, and an Instagram post can rally millions, we knew that Vodafone’s activist attitude was something to shout about.


We offered candidates the chance to not only act – but to ‘Act Up’. Through high energy and a striking visual and tonal direction, we gave Vodafone the voice it needed to stand up and stand out. We spoke up about the progressive work that Vodafone champions and used visual language that stopped our audience dead in their tracks. We also demonstrated the power of this new voice with audio-only Spotify adverts that aimed to motivate graduates into action.

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