National Employer Brand

Veolia -  National Campaign

2022 - National Employer Brand


Despite their logo being practically everywhere, Veolia is a company you’ve probably never heard of. But as leaders in environmental solutions, how can they break misconceptions and spread awareness of both their purpose and their inclusivity as an employer?


We conducted interviews and research across the company and discovered that while a lot of Veolia’s people share their purpose, many just want to focus on always doing a good day's work. We wanted to show everyone, from front line workers to board members, that the purpose of ‘ecological transformation’ is relatable and familiar.


Veolia’s people don’t brag about the impact they make, so it was important to be humble when we refreshed their visual and written content. We created characters like ‘Marvin’ and ‘Sarah’ to demonstrate that anyone in any role can have an impact. Shooting at five locations, we captured the diversity of Veolia’s teams and the scale of what they do every day – we made sure nobody was left out.

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