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2022 - Use of Social


IBM is one of the world’s biggest and most complex businesses in the world, but how do you take the image of a faceless American corporation, and make it appeal to the modern IBMer?

IBM needed an authentic employer brand that could speak multiple languages and support the global and local IBM story. The first challenge was “How do we make this relatable for all?”. To avoid agency jargon, we called our EVP the People Story – focusing on every individual, recognizing their curiosity and how they contribute to IBM. 


Through our research, three key things cut through the complexity that is IBM:

  • everything focused on the IBMer – Even the biggest events at IBM have personal stories, experiences, and achievements behind them.
  • localization is fundamental – The stories should matter, the images should resonate, and the language should flex to tell 350,000 stories.
  • diversity that can’t be ignored – User generated content is vital to this, we’re showing that individuals are valued and won’t be lost in a crowd.


To create simple but powerful localization, each IMBer could choose exactly what they wanted to define them. We then developed ‘I AM IBM’ alongside IBM Brand, a photo series self-shot by IBMers around the world, and built on that, launching a video and careers site alongside other assets. Embedding the employer brand internally brought authenticity and empowerment to IBMers everywhere – giving a welcoming face to the company and showcasing IBMers and their achievements.

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