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The people at Harrods embody the warmth, diversity and personality that drives the exceptional service they are known for today. But how can they make a statement about Harrods as an employer that attracts people who reflect their changing customer base?


By speaking with employees from across the company, we aimed to truly understand what life at Harrods is like. Once we understood the current Harrods experience, we worked with leadership teams to uncover the ways that experience is evolving. 

What we found was an increasingly diverse customer base, and an opportunity for the employer brand to reflect the diversity within its own culture.


The stories we discovered demonstrated both the personality of individual employees and the quality they deliver when working together. The new tagline, “Uniquely you. Together Harrods.” expressed what we had learned about the Harrods spirit. To share our message with the world, we created a launch video supported by assets – capturing the personalities and faces of Harrods. With everything working together, we showed that it's less about being at Harrods and more about being yourself.

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