Unlocked Graduates leads in recruiting, training & challenging outstanding graduates to lead prisoner rehabilitation.

The challenge
Unlocked Graduates is a charity that recruits, trains and challenges outstanding graduates to lead prisoner rehabilitation. The aim is to create high-performing leaders who will break cycles of reoffending in prisons and throughout society. The ambition is to grow the programme to become one of the most prestigious graduate programmes in the UK, particularly amongst Russell Group university students.
The approach
At first glance, a lot of people would think that a graduate programme in the prison service isn’t for them. Partly because of the role itself, and partly because of all the stereotypes and misconceptions out there.
The big idea: It's Not For You
‘It’s Not For You’ is a bold concept requiring a bold visual approach. One that will make Unlocked Graduates stand out from the crowd. Using different visual styles, we create striking assets that will stop people in their tracks, spark curiosity and support the messaging in unexpected ways, because the more you learn about the Unlocked Graduates programme though, the more likely you are to reconsider. For the programme is, if anything, unexpected.
The creative: Phase 1
We used a mix of audience misconceptions with elements of the exclusivity and prestige that the Unlocked Graduates programme has to create initial agitation and intrigue whilst driving awareness. We used generative AI to create bold imagery unlike any other grad programme.
Phase 2
With retargeting, we dial up the leadership aspect of the programme. We want to continue building prestige, so it still plays an important role in this messaging framework too.
Final phase
Ultimately, our goal was to drive applications for the programme. So the last phase of messaging drove applications by showing the audience that it is, in fact, for them, and created that excitement surrounding the programme and what they’re signing up for.

To do this, we put a positive spin on the headlines of the previous phase – matching the development in the candidate journey and perspective. We also brought in previous Unlocked graduates to match the positivity and excitement of this phase, telling their stories in a way AI can't.
Don't just take our word for it, watch the entire journey yourself...

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