Film & Motion

Every brand has a story to tell
From a funny and heartwarming tale to an emotional rollercoaster. But no matter what story you wish to share, the impact depends on how it’s told. That’s where we come in.

Using images, graphics and sound, we bring your brand to life in the most powerful way possible.
How we do it
The secret ingredient is our tailored approach. At Pink Squid, we view motion through an authentic lens, which is why we’re consistently recognised in the employer branding award circuit.

This authenticity is rooted in our team’s ability to evoke real emotion through collaboration with our copy, art and strategy teams. Whether it’s a full-service creative or global user-generated content, we develop impactful videos that connect you with your audience.
Motion Graphics Designers
We cover all sorts of animations – from the smallest 150kb job ad banner, all the way to crafting explainer videos for clients to make complex messages clear. We also love creating eye-catching animations for socials or helping out with those pesky logos that need to be removed from shot.
Motion Editors
We work with Copywriters & Art Directors during concepting stage and come up with ideas for mood videos and stings to help shape motion assets. Once that’s done, we work with the Producers to plan our shoot – planning the shot list, deciding on locations, and the equipment we need. Sometimes we even get the chance to shoot abroad (which is not a free holiday, whatever the other teams might tell you).

Then, we work on the edit. That can include lots of different people. Copywriters and Strategists help to finalise content, Motion Graphic Designers help create lower thirds and any animated elements, and finally, Colour Graders and Sound Designers put the finishing touches on and really make our work pop.
We help to plan shoots during pre-production stage. You’ll find us building schedules, working on costing expenses, location scouting, casting and liaising with actors, and managing freelancers. Anything we need is our responsibility – and food and coffee are always a priority.

Wanna get creative with us?

Let’s have a chat! Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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