Pink Squid may have grown and evolved since that first plate of sushi in 2010, but some things will never change.

We’re independent. We’re diverse. We choose who we work with carefully. We make every project count. And we love to put our naturally disruptive nature to good use.


Our Valued Values

Get to know these. They’ll explain a lot.


Loving the work you do and wanting it to be something you’re proud of. Set free, competing passions spark friction that lights the way.


It’s not just about making stuff look pretty. It’s how we think. It’s how we act. Breaking away from the norm to deliver something different.


Creativity is nothing without the strategy. We work together to develop targeted, thought-led solutions.

Squid tank

Where you’ll find our recording studio, trading desk and N64.

We may have a global footprint but the Squid Tank is our south-London home.  It reflects the intelligent imagination of our work. Pop in for the tour.



The Squids

Our people are our driving force, and our culture is what glues them together. We’re a work hard, play hard kind of place – and with 15 nationalities over two floors, that’s a lot of play.

But when we get down to business, we can create nimble project teams with any mix of strategists, creatives or analysts we want.
Want more? Watch our latest short film below. If you dare…

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